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Scoopable Feline Fresh Testimonials

I have been raising CFA Burmese cats for approximately 15 years. I have probably tried every litter product sold, at least until I tried Feline Fresh Scoopable litter. I now use it exclusively. I have no problems with cats not using the litter box. They love it! I have no problems with odor, and maintaining the boxes is fast and easy. Plus, the special bonus is that it makes fantastic compost for my wife's flower gardens.
Michael E.
Gibbon, NE

I am a breeder of Tonkinese kittens. I just started using Feline Fresh Clumping last year and I love the product. I was using The World's Best & have also tried the Wheat and Wood Pellet products - all of which were much more acceptable to me than clay clumping litters - but your product is the best yet. It smells better and lasts longer than any of the others. I recommend it to my clients. I have left a message to obtain coupons.
Thank you,

I just wanted to write and say WOW WOW WOW I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE Scoopable Feline Fresh! Where have you been all my life!! I first sort of freaked at paying $14.95 plus Canadian Tax @ 13% over THREE weeks ago and I still have the better portion of a 1/2 bag left. My two cats Marley Man and Pretty Girl love it so much I had to shoo them away from laying in it!! I mean it. No yucky smell, smaller messes outside there pans and so convenient. Please Please I beg you don't stop making Scoopable Feline Fresh. Thank you so so much! I'm telling everyone about it.
Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada

I have used your Feline Fresh scoopable litter for just over a month now and I am happy to say I just love your litter. My 5 cats took to it a little slow as I changed a box at a time over to it and then mixed the last box with the old to use it up. The cats now love it and the odor control is very good. The clumps stay together even though I have the 5 of them walking in the boxes. The litter stays really clean and smells wonderful. I am glad to be not using clay clumping anymore. It worked very good but was heavy and not good for the environment. Thank you for making a litter that is "greener" and works great too!!

I would like to say that I love the feline fresh scoopable litter... it is an absolute wonder liter, always smelling like fresh cut pine, and it actually DOES scoop - no dust, and no tracking.

Your product is superior in every way AND a great value!
Marie Z.

I was looking for a good, affordable, biodegradable cat litter – and Scoopable Feline Fresh was the answer! I'll never use anything else!!
Barbara B.

I am not a person who writes letters to companies about how wonderful their products are, even if I really love them, but your Scoopable Feline Fresh is AMAZING! I have an older cat (12 years) and 2 feral kittens that I rescued 6 months ago - all are completely adjusted to this product. I can't believe how there is ABSOLUTELY NO ODOR and it even smells kind of good even after it is "used". It certainly smells good BEFORE it's used! The added bonus is the benefit to everyone's lungs and the environment. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am so happy to have discovered this product and would like to learn more about what your company offers.
Jerilynn V.

Thank you so much for the generous sample bag of Scoopable Feline Fresh Clumping Pine Cat Litter! Our cats have been using it for a week now and they not only like it, they won't even go near the other litter box which contains the brand of litter they have preferred for many years. The clumping quality and the limited amount of tracking are the features that I most appreciate. This product is a winner and we are sold on it…no doubt about it!!!
Carla J.
Beaverton, OR

I would like a list of stores in MA that sell your scoopable litter. I find it the best scoopable cat litter I have ever used. It has no dust (that is the best part) and lasts for a long time.
Wendy S.
Barre, MA

I have searched all over So Fla for the clumping brand of Feline Fresh and cannot find it! My cats and I LOVE your litter... I cannot believe there is no cat odor when I use it! Please let me know where I can find your product or how I can order online. Thanks.
Michele G.
Jensen Beach, FL

Feline Fresh Scoopable cat litter is the best I've ever used…I even guaranteed my local feed store that her sales of Feline Fresh would surpass her sales of World's Best Litter…too bad you didn't have the name "World's Best", your product truly is.
Lorrie N.
Colebrook, CT

I am a Ragdoll breeder and have used wood pellets as litter for about 7 years with the occassional litter box of scoopable clay litter. I had the opportunity to try your litter and have to tell you that I am in the process of making a switch to use it exclusively! I am VERY impressed with this product! It stays so clean in the boxes, no sticking to the bottom of the litterbox like glue! It keeps the boxes virtually odor free and the clean up is PAINLESS! No heavy bags to carry out! My cats like it too, since it is so soft underfoot! I am AMAZED with your product and frankly, thrilled to find you! I now need to know where I can purchase the 20 or 40 lb bags and the cost. Please advise ASAP - I don't want to be without this product for a minute! I wonder, also if you have a breeder program in which you might provide samples for new breeders to give to buyers or perhaps coupons for them along with some product information. Thank you, thank you!!!
Rochester, NY

Feline Fresh Testimonials

For years I've been trying to find the perfect litter for my three cats Titan, Gio and King. And for years I have kept buying the wrong litter, until I was at Walmart the other day looking at the different varieties of litter they have and I came across Feline Fresh. So I decided to buy it just to try something new and for the past 3 weeks now I have to say I am in love with this product. I've even posted it on my Facebook and Instagram, to show my appreciation for such a wonderful product you guys have made. So I just wanted to say thank you and keep up the good work!
Jasmine S.
Columbus, OH

I have had many cats in my life and always tried different litter and hated all of them... I rescued a 3 week old kitten when she was old enough to litter train I needed something that was safe for her. I found the pine litter and absolutely love it!! There's no odor in my house and she is safe from clay or sand or chemicals. Thank you so much and I will never use anything else.
Gina H.
Moore, OK

I have had cats my whole life. A few years ago we switched to a pine pellet product hoping it would work better than the clay litter. It was for awhile, but then the smell took over just a few days after we would change the box. Two months ago, we were at our local store and decided to try a bag of your Feline Fresh Pine Pellets. Your product is FANTASTIC!! Not only is your product cheaper, but works 100% better than the other we were using!! As long as our stores carry it, we will continue to use your product for here on out!!
Melissa F.
Harrison Township, MI

I started buying the feline fresh scooping cat litter about 4 months ago and love it! I have two cat Neo and Blade who seem to go the bathroom all the time and in the last 4 months I have only gone through a bag and a half. I recently picked up a couple bags for myself and a friend for $4.99 plus tax at a local pet store - what a deal.

I just wanted to let you know you have a new dedicated customer.
Barb A.
Hamilton, ON

Dear PlanetWise Products,
I am a proud cat owner (well, more of a "beast" than cat!). I live in an apartment so a cat box needs to be fresh and clean and tidy. For years I tried all different brands of cat litters - from the cheapest to the most expensive. I was always looking for a nice soft litter that had low tracking and had a pleasant fragrance.

I tried Feline Fresh and I haven't looked back. This has got to be the best litter available, and the price is wonderful. I get "mileage" out of this litter. I love the fresh cut wood scent and I LOVE the fact that it is a re-used product from lumber, and its enviornmentaly great. No plastic bags!

Just flush it!. If my cat could type - he'd be writing this email. This is a fine product and a really effective one. It's also very soft and I'm sure my cat, Russ, really appreciates that. It is also quiet - no more annoying "scratching" sounds from his litter box. Congratualtions on a great product - I share my delight with many apartment cat owners 'cause this is really first class.
Best wishes
Megan T.
Ottawa, ON

Holy Kitty! This stuff is awesome. I have just taken in my very first pet of any sort and started off with the clay/perfume based litter for the kitty. Ick! I realized one of the reasons I hadn't acquired a furry friend was due to the waste they can produce. After cat sitting so many times and taking out pounds and pounds of litter to the dumpster, I didn't want that responsibility.

So, I happened into a very knowledgeable pet store and I came home with Feline Fresh. This stuff rocks! And I can flush it down the toilet. Living in an apartment, this stuff is the best. Kitty likes it, no smells, clumps awesome! Thanks!

I would love the Frequent Buyer card sent to me as she is only 11 weeks old - I will be purchasing a lot over the next 10+ years. Cheers!
Seattle, WA

I could sit here for an HOUR or more and ramble on about this, and you're all going to laugh at me, but, I challenge you:
If you have a cat, or cats, TRY THIS PRODUCT -

Not only is it biodegradable, and it clumps, but it's FLUSHABLE (uber convenient)...

Best part? NO ODOURS.

I have FOUR cats using ONE litter box that is just off from my living room and I only need to scoop once a day. The pine takes all the moisture from their poops and leaves behind an odour-less & dry poop that has NO smell. (I shit you not, haha).

When I scoop the box, I can barely smell any kitty odors whatsoever. The smell is GONE.

I could go on and on and on telling everyone about this product, and I have, (I confront innocent shoppers in the kitty litter isles at the grocery store, lol), but until you actually try it, you just won't believe how awesome it really is.

It might seem expensive when you see the size of the bag, but trust me that you will SAVE MONEY, you will SAVE THE ENVIRONMENT, and you will save SO MUCH TIME AND FRUSTRATION. I paid $12.99 for the bag that we've been using (well over a week ago) and I STILL have about 3/4 of the bag left. If I had been using regular clay litter, I'd have spent at least twice as much by this time, and I wouldn't have nearly as much litter left. From what little we've used so far, I'm estimating I will use one bag per month, and I have FOUR CATS. $12.99 for a month's worth of litter. That in itself is amazing.

Seriously? I dare you. Try it.

You will NEVER GO BACK. I promise!

This gets the Golden Minn Stamp of Approval!

And no, to answer someone's inquiry, I am not getting paid for this blurb in any way, shape or form! ;) I just truly LOVE the product!.. as much as anyone can truly LOVE cat litter, I suppose. lol

This is it... the purrfect cat litter!!

Clumps like it should (take note, cement like Swheat Scoop) & is quite affordable (take note, Feline Pine Scoop) & is environment & cat friendly (take note, clay based litters).

Thanks so much for producing the # 1 cat litter!!
Gatineau, QC, Canada

The first time we tried your product was due to a low budget and it was very affordable. We did not expect much out of the product, but were so amazed by it. We were so satisfied with the fresher smell, the cleaner floor and the ease of dispose by flushing it down the toilet, we will never go back to old kitty litter again! Thank you again for designing this product!!!

I have had cats all of my life and this is the best litter I have ever used. I will support your company and spread the word!
Christine O.

Cozy 'n Fresh Testimonials

I used to clean my rabbit cages 3 times a week. Now there is no smell, even after a week! Thank you!
Cindy S.

I have many ferrets and I can not believe the great odor control. Your product is wonderful!
Michelle R.

I LOVE the Cozy 'n Fresh bedding. We use it for our Guinea Pig and after trying at least a dozen different litters, this is THE best!!! No smell, easy cleaning and inexpensive. I couldn't have asked for more from one product!!
Thanks for the great product!
Kim R.
Napoleon, OH

Where can I find Cozy 'n Fresh in Central Florida? I usually buy 50-60 bags every 5 weeks and really like the product...
Jackie A.
Ft. Wayne, IN

TSC at Van Wert says that Cozy 'n Fresh no more than comes in and 3-4 bags go out of there every day. I am supposed to have 10 bags coming in on the truck tomorrow and the manager ordered me a pallet of 50bags. I do have other (rabbit) breeders interested in using this (product). Thanks so much.
LeAnn C.

Equine Fresh Testimonials

Until we tried your product had been loyal user of wood shavings for our stall bedding. Just wanted to let you know that your bedding pellets are superb. Super absorbent, covers a large area, has cut down on daily cleaning time by at least half, eliminates pitting in the stallion & gelding stalls, nice smell. Wonderful product. We are sold on this product. We can highly recommend this product very cost effective and a whole lot less work involved, takes less storage space too. Thank you for a truly user friendly product.
Heidi S.

Our lovely mare is totally blind and she adapted to the new sensation under foot and new scent with no problems whatsoever.
Ginny G.

The whole barn smells fresh, and the stalls only take 10 minutes to muck twice a day. What a breeze!
Lisa O.

I can't believe how much better Equine Fresh is than shavings for keeping horse stalls clean, with so much less waste!
Angela S.

My vet last week told me about this horse bedding product and our local equine dealer sells your product. I decided that I would give it a try due to the fact that I have a mare who is REALLY messy in her stall... I got two bags initially last week just to "try" them out, and all I can say is THANK YOU for making this product!!!!! I will be heading out to the Mill this afternoon to buy quite a few more bags of your product! It has cut down the cleaning of the mare's stall SO MUCH! I will be buying this product FROM NOW ON! Again, thank you so much for this product, and I surely will be tossing your name/product around as much as I can! A new, loyal customer,
Callie D.
Gunpowder, MD

I own a small boarding and training facility here in the middle of North Carolina. I have been trying different pelleted horse bedding and found your product last week at Tractor Supply. I have already purchased about 15 bags to try in stalls and I am so impressed with your product I ordered a pallet. I am passing my recommendation to all my equine friends. It is nice to get a product that is reasonable in price and such great quality. Keep up the great work.
Sue V.
Statesville, NC

I just wanted to contact you to let you know how well your product (Equine Fresh) is working for me. I use 15 bags for 3 horses and a pony every 4 to 5 weeks. This is in the winter when they are kept in more. My stalls smell better and are 75% dryer than when I used shavings. Thank you for a great product. I have been telling my horse friends how well your product works.
Beverly S.
Chesapeake, VA



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